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How to support the Knights Templar Vault

ridingknightsascalonFirst of all, I really want to express my gratitude to all those who have so far displayed interest in my humble efforts to maintain this site and keep it valuable for all Knights Templar buffs, as well as many casual visitors trying to learn more about Medieval history. And special thanks to all those who follow the site on Facebook and communicate with me there. Every time I hear “Hey, a great website!,” it makes me work harder.

Of course, I would love to spend more time and resources creating content for this site and finding various pieces of information that my audience might benefit from. If you enjoy what I do, there are some simple things that you can do quite effortlessly in order to help.

  • You can support KnightsTemplarVault.com through “Google Contributor.” This would make it possible for more materials to appear on the site.
  • If you happen to run a related website, please make a link to the Knights Templar Vault. Let me know through FaceBook, so I can see how I can reciprocate.
  • If you enjoy this site as a whole or some individual articles, feel free to share the links on any social media platform that you currently use.
  • Join the Knights Templar Vault on Facebook. and/or Twitter. This way you will be less likely to miss any updates on the site, as well as tons of additional information that I only make available through those platforms. Keep in mind, every time you like my post on FaceBook, it adds “weight” and prominence to the Vault.
  • If you have well-written articles about the Knights Templar or some related Medieval matters, please consider guest blogging. I guarantee that every submission will be looked at and, if appropriate, published.
  • If you make purchases on Amazon.com, you can begin shopping there by following an Amazon link on this site (especially in the Templar Books section, or scroll down to “Recommended books” on the sidebar). If you end up buying anything on Amazon, a small percentage of the sale will go to support the Vault. At absolutely no cost to you!

Once again, thank you! I am very hopeful that the site’s readership will keep growing and I will be able to spend more time researching, translating and making more Knights Templar materials available here.

Your friend,