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Grand Masters of the Knights Templar (a list)

This list of the Grand Masters of the Knights Templar Order follows Malcolm Barber’s dates except in case of Richard de Bures, whose dates are taken from P.P. Read. I make no attempt to represent the fictitious list of Grand Masters who supposedly followed De Molay in a secret succession. The list is found in the Larmenius Charter which I believe to be fake.

Hugues de Payens 1119-1136
Robert de Craon 1136-1149
Everard des Barres 1149-1152
Bernard de Tremeley 1153-1153
Andrew de Montbard 1154-1156
Bertrand de Blancfort 1156-1159
Philip de Milly (Nablus) 1169-1171
Odo de St Amand 1171-1179
Arnold de Torroja 1181-1184
Gerard de Ridefort 1185-1189
Robert de Sablé 1191-1192/3
Gilbert Erail 1194-1200
Philip de Plessis 1201-1209
William de Chartres 1210-1218/9
Peter de Montaigu 1219-1230/2
Armand de Périgord 1232-1244/6
Richard de Bures 1244-1247
William de Sonnac 1247-1250
Reginald de Vichiers 1250-1256
Thomas Bérard 1256-1273
William de Beaujeu 1273-1291
Theobald Gaudin 1291-1292/3
Jacques de Molay 1293-1314

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  • charles f.king jr.

    Enjoy The Templar Knights FB Page and reading Material.Keep posting.

  • Aaron Harrison

    Now that’s a family to be proud of regardless of ongoing and defamating claims. Personally I have spent a long time in the presence of the bloodlines and legacy left behind by these great men. What’s greater is the truth..

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