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La France des Templiers

La France des Templiers: Sites, histoire et légendes by Jen-Luc Aubarbier is the kind of French book that you can confidently purchase without really being able to read any French. There is very little information about this edition that one can find online, so I felt that it was necessary to give the book a little boost here.

As you may have guessed from the title, the book attempts to give a broad overview of the Knights Templar traces in modern France. It contains over 300 pages and is lavishly illustrated. There are detailed maps of every region in France with all (presumably) Templar-related locations marked. Most photographs are original and very well produced.

One possible criticism of the book would address its lack of depth in covering the subject, but it requires many volumes to even approach the topic of the Knights Templar presence in France. If you are simply looking for a guide in your travels or want a starting point in your studies La France des Templiers definitely delivers!

(In these pictures I’m using my trusted paper cutting knife to hold the pages down)

france-de-templiers1 france-de-templiers2

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  • Alex Stark

    Hehe, that books sounds wonderfull.

    And other french book I’d recomend on the subject is Regine Pernoud’s “Les Templiers” from the collection “Je Sais Quoi?”. Her french is not for begguiners, though.

    Aww! So cute! I’ve got the 1.10 meters long version of that sword in my bedroom. Not a light lady. Any suggestion for naming a templar sword?

    All the best!
    ~ Alex

    • KTV

      I have Regine Pernoud’s book in English, as well as a good number of other Templar books in French. I’ve published some reviews on this site.

      Sword naming is not something I’m familiar with. I’m usually happy with just identifying where they’re from and how old 🙂 Somewhere on the site I have an article about blessings for a sword.

      • Alex Stark

        Well, that must’ve been before I started following this 🙂
        I’ll go look for it and the blessing.

        Thank you, and God Bless!
        ~ Alex

  • Interesting looking book indeed! Do you read French Grishin? What languages have you mastered?

    I wish I could read French as much of the Templar history is locked behind this language.

    • KTV

      I can usually get through a text in French, Latin, German and Italian. Sometimes other languages if I have to. For me it’s never been about speaking these languages. Just want to read books and primary sources.

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