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Modern Templars

How to join the Knights Templar?

templarchurchAt least once a week I am asked this exact question by various people: “How do I join the Knights Templar”? This is not at all an uncomplicated issue, so I decided to write a special article about it.

First of all, it is not immediately obvious to some people that the Order of the Knights Templar, strictly speaking, was a medieval Order with a very illustrious history, as well as amazing and mystifying lore. It was officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church in the early 12th century and after almost two hundred years of existence was dissolved by the authority of the Pope in 1312. The precise papal decrees that abolished the Order contained strict prohibitions: nobody was supposed to call himself a Templar or even dress as one, under penalty of excommunication. It can be argued that the Knights Templar existed for at least one decade prior to being recognized by the Church, therefore the Church did not really have any right to dissolve the Order. One must remember, however, that the Knights Templar were able to gain their fame and power because of the many privileges that were granted to them by a number of popes. Even the iconic Templar uniform, featuring a red cross, was assigned to them by a papal decree. After the support of the Church was lost the Knights Templar simply could not operate in their original capacity of warrior monks who defended Christendom. It is therefore important to respect the opinion of those who believe that joining the Knights Templar is a complete impossibility, because the Order no longer exist. [click to continue…]

Trial of the Knights Templar – a documentary

Secrets of the Cross: Trial of the Knights Templar (Widescreen)

1307. October, Friday 13th. One man awaited his fate after damning himself and an international movement he had led for 16 years. Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, a mysterious, wealthy, Christian warrior group at the centre of the Crusades for almost 200 years, confessed to the crime of heresy. Why? How did de Molay and the Templars suddenly find themselves under attack from their oldest allies? Were they really heretics after all?

The complete description of this 2009 documentary includes a mention of the Chinon parchment, which indicates that the information presented is reasonably up-to-date. I just wish this could be purchased digitally for viewing on Amazon Instant Video.

Knights Templar humor

The sign in Spanish points to the men’s room, or gentlemen’s room, if you will. Due to someone’s negligence or sense of humor, the English translation says:”Knights’ restroom.” Perfect for a Knights Templar commandery!

The circumstances behind this photograph are obscure, but my best guest is that this image captures the final moments of the very last descendant of King Philip the Fair, known for his cruel actions against the Knights Templar.

This 1861 French poster announces a store liquidation sale. Apparently, the store’s name was Maison des Templiers – Templar House. The poster depicts the execution of the Knights Templar commanders, I assume. The inappropriateness alone is cause for laughter in this case.

Don’t know where this originates, but to me this looks like the last defender of Acre. Or, perhaps, evidence that the Knights Templar escaped to Atlantis with there their ships, Holy Grail and all.

The nine original Templar knights were simply members of a baseball team who were active for any given game. Further research is needed in order to establish what other teams existed in Palestine during the Middle ages, but there are indications that the Jerusalem Templars played against the Tripoli Hospitallers, as well as the ever fearsome Qadmous Assassins.

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A great Masonic Templar motto :)

I found this in a list of heraldic devices on the internet.

Gradatim vincimus – We conquer by degrees

Degrees, of course, being the operative word 🙂