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Knights Templar humor

The sign in Spanish points to the men’s room, or gentlemen’s room, if you will. Due to someone’s negligence or sense of humor, the English translation says:”Knights’ restroom.” Perfect for a Knights Templar commandery!

The circumstances behind this photograph are obscure, but my best guest is that this image captures the final moments of the very last descendant of King Philip the Fair, known for his cruel actions against the Knights Templar.

This 1861 French poster announces a store liquidation sale. Apparently, the store’s name was Maison des Templiers – Templar House. The poster depicts the execution of the Knights Templar commanders, I assume. The inappropriateness alone is cause for laughter in this case.

Don’t know where this originates, but to me this looks like the last defender of Acre. Or, perhaps, evidence that the Knights Templar escaped to Atlantis with there their ships, Holy Grail and all.

The nine original Templar knights were simply members of a baseball team who were active for any given game. Further research is needed in order to establish what other teams existed in Palestine during the Middle ages, but there are indications that the Jerusalem Templars played against the Tripoli Hospitallers, as well as the ever fearsome Qadmous Assassins.

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