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The Knights Templar’s Prayer

Vatican scholar: prayer proves Knights Templar not heretical

The Vatican has for the first time published the prayer the Knights Templar composed when “unjustly imprisoned”, in which they appealed to the Virgin Mary to persuade “our enemies” to abandon “calumnies and lies” and revert to “truth and charity”.

L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, said the prayer was further proof that the order, which was dissolved in the fourteenth century, was not heretical. The knights were innocent of the charges against them, which included the accusation that they worshipped idols such as a “monstrous statue, half man and half goat”.

The L’Osservatore Romano article, by Barbara Frale, the Vatican Secret Archives scholar who has made a special study of the knights, said it was untrue that the knights were guilty of “decadence, heresy and immoral practices”.

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/commen … 579987.ece

This document has been already published before. I recovered the shortened version of the original Latin text from a 19th century edition, “Les Templiers” tragedy by François-Just-Marie Raynouard (1761-1836). It is somewhat puzzling in a few places, and I don’t know the actual source of this prayer. Anyway, here it is (followed by a translation):

Sancti spiritus adsit nobis gratia. Maria, Stella maris, perducat nos ad portam salutis. Amen.

Domine, Jesu Christe, sancte pater, aeterne Deus, omnipotens, sapiens creator, largitor, administrator benignus, et carissimus amator, pius et humilis redemptor, clemens, misericors salvator, Domine, te deprecor humiliter et exoro ut illumines me, liberes et conserves fratres Templi, et omnem populum tuum chistianum turbatum.

Tu, Domine, qui scis nos esse innocentes, facias liberari, ut vota nostra et mandata tua in humilitate teneamus, et tuum sanctum servitium et voluntatem faciamus ; contumelias iniquas, non veras, contra nos oppositas per graves oppositiones, et malas tribulationes et tentationes, quas passi fuimus, et pati ulterius non possumus.

Omnipotens, aeterne Deus, qui beatum Joannem evangelistam et apostolum tuum valde diligis, qui super pectus tuum in caena recubuit, et cui secreta caeli revelavis et demonstravis, et stante in ligno sanctae crucis, pro redemptione nostra, sanctissimam matrem tuam virginem commendavis, in cujus honore gloriose fuit facta, et fundata religio ; pro tua sancta misericordia liberes et conserves, prout tu scis nos esse innocentes a criminibus contra nos oppositis, et operas possideamus, per quas ad gaudia paradisi perducamur, per Christum dominum nostrum. Amen.


May the grace of the Holy Spirit be present with us. May Mary, Star of the Sea, lead us to the harbor of salvation. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Father, eternal God, omnipotent, omniscient Creator, Bestower, kind Ruler and most tender lover, pious and humble Redeemer; gentle, merciful Savior, Lord! I humbly beseech The and implore Thee that Thou may enlighten me, free me and preserve the brothers of the Temple and all Thy Christian people, troubled as they are.

Thou, O Lord, Who knowest that we are innocent, set us free that we may keep our vows and your commandments in humility, and serve Thee and act according to Thy will. (Dispel) all those unjust reproaches, far from the truth, heaped upon us by the means of tough adversities, great tribulations and temptations, which we have endured, but can endure no longer.

Omnipotent, eternal God, who hast so loved the blessed John the Evangelist and Apostle, that he reclined upon Thy bosom at the Last Supper, and to whom Thou revealed and showed the Mysteries of Heaven, and to whom, while suspended on the Holy Cross, for the sake of our redemption, Thou commended Thy most Holy Mother and Virgin, and in whose honor (our) Order was created and instituted; through Thy Holy mercifulness, deliver us and preserve us, as Thou knowest that we are innocent of the crimes that we are accused of, so that we may take possession of the works, by which we may be guided to the joys of Paradise, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

If you are interested in Templar spirituality, take a look at Salve Regina, chant of the Templars.

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  • Tommy Joseph Augustine

    The Templars are just and still exist today.I am one of many Knights and without their cause,i would not be.

    • keith glentworth

      praise to you . they should hot have been defeated , and murdered by the king of France and the pope of the day . if they had won we would not have the problem we are having today .
      i live in New Zealand , we have just had ANZAC day to remember our solders whom died at ANZAC cove , turkey in WW 1 ‘. we shall not forget then ‘ we shall not forget those Templar Knights either .
      i would love to joiner the Templar Knights .

    • Xavier

      How can I be a knights templar?

  • James Patrick O'Malley

    The Knights are needed at this time. On my right arm is an Irish Cross on my left the words “but for the Grace of God”. I wonder that God saw fit to have me still on this earth and what his purpose may be for me. Yours in Christ. -James

  • Jeff

    Does anyone know who the illustrator/painter is of the the Praying Knight is that illustrates the “The Knights Templar Prayer”? I see the image all over the internet, but would appreciate a source for getting a high quality print or lithograph to pair with a verse and frame. Thank you in advance. Jeff

  • Joe

    Always loved the knights in theyr shiny armour… After all these centuries finally some justice… My dream is that to have the chance to become one of them. PS Iam interested too for the image and curious who made it.

  • Ark de Payens

    does the shugborough mistery is still unsolved? …..why!? please answer fast , research porpouses , thank you , long live the knights
    ” et in arcadia ego “

    • KTV

      As far as I know, there is no definitive answer about that inscription.

  • Shawn

    The knights will never be gone, all the world needs is someone to revive them. They were started by a group of people with an idea. All the world needs for them to return is another group of people with the same vision.

  • Lise Simard

    My husband Ray Simard was a Knight Templar. He passed away on June 12, 2015.
    I would dearly like to hear from any knights who knew him.
    God bless, Lise.

  • Donald Borja

    I pray that God would will grant me the right and wisdom to be a great Knights Templar, Amen

  • Leslie James Payne

    Contact Brother (Fra.) Glenn,
    Who is Seneschal of the Knights Templar Order, Priory of England & Wales.
    seneschal@The knights templar 11 19. or. UK
    Wishing you well in your endeavours. God Bless!

  • Sir Robert Columber

    I too am a Templar. The Templars is a branch off of the Mason’s. In a Mason’s travels to obtain more light (wisdom) he can choose to receive more knowledge of the craft and their teachings by two paths. The York Rite and/or the Scottish Rite. I am a member of both .

  • Phil Maguire

    The Knights Templar was an Order of Catholic monks. The Order no longer exists thanks to Philip of France. It is NOT and never has been associated with the Masons who are enemies of the Catholic Church.

  • Christopher Duniphin

    Thank you for your time and efforts to deliver this to us. God bless you.

  • Leslie J Payne

    Some of us do not recognise; The status of a Knight.
    Or the status of a tradesman.

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