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Knights Templar History and Myths: as seen in the movies

Now that I got Netflix, the plan is to become familiar with the various cinematic depictions of the Knights Templar Order. I am compiling my little list now. Surely, this list will be revisited, as more movies come to my attention.

Kingdom of Heaven
(already own this movie, of course)
Da Vinci Code. I have to include this one.
Code of the Templars (2004). A German flick, apparently not the best.
Arn – Tempelriddaren (Arn: The Knight Templar). A very decent TV series, recently released on DVD. At the time of this revision, ARN is available on NetFlix.
National Treasure. The connection to the Templars is rather marginal, but a pretty good movie.
Night of the Templar. Principal photography completed in December, 2007:
A Medieval Knight resurrects to fulfill his vow and bestow a blood-thirst vengeance upon the kindred spirits of those who betrayed him long ago. In the course of one night, identities will be revealed, destinies met, and a poetic justice of the macabre maniacally served.

Sounds like a nice romantic date movie, uh?

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