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Modern Templars

Washington monument inscriptions: Welsh and Latin

Washington monument The Washington monument in the eponymous capital of the United States is crowned with a metal cap. Among other inscriptions, the cap displays the words LAUS DEO, which in Latin means “Praise be to God”, or more literally “Praise to God”. The inscription most likely reveals some sort of Masonic connection.

More interestingly, Wikipedia informs us of the following:

Halfway up the steps of the monument is an inscription in Welsh: Fy iaith, fy ngwlad, fy nghenedl Cymru — Cymru am byth (My language, my land, my nation of Wales — Wales for ever). The reason for this inscription or its author is unknown.

Washington Monument (Wikipedia article)

At the very least we know that this is not some sort of Elfish language 🙂 But seriously, “the reason for this inscription or its author is unknown”? You may may wait for Dan Brown’s new novel to find out what this inscription is all about. I am sure the truth will be most entertaining, as Dan Brown explores the dark secrets of Masonic symbolism in the nation’s capital. But if you don’t feel like waiting, here is what I uncovered:

“In 1834 a dinner was held by the Welsh residents of New York, presided over by E. W. Davis, and aided by T. Ingram Tones and the late Daniel L. Jones. The success of the dinner suggested the idea oi organizing a Welsh national society, and a draft of the constitution nnd by-laws for such a society was made. Out of this initiative grew the present St. David Society, which has helped hundreds of distressed Welshmen who have stranded on their arrival In the United States. Daniel L. Jones was president in 1863. Among its presidents have been Gen. Thomas L. James. Hon. Noah Davis, Ellis H. Roberts, the present United States Treasurer, and a score of other prominent Americans. It was through Mr. Jones that the government permitted a stone to be placed in the Washington monument to represent the little principality. This stone was imported from a quarry near Swansea. It bears the following inscription: Fy iaith. Fy Ngwlad, Ky Nghenedl. Wales. Cymru am Byth! Mr. Daniel L. Jones was a faithful, consistent and patriotic Welshman.”

The Cambrian, a monthly magazine, Vol. XVIII, 1898.

Of course, it is still very suspicious that Welshmen be ever allowed to express their patriotic (and hence non-American) sentiments on this great obelisk. So, we shall see what Mr. Brown will be able to dig up.

Wenger (Swiss Gear) Marlet – My Templar Backpack!

I did not own any knights Templar-related merchandize prior to the purchase of a Swiss Gear Marlet backpack. Seriously, the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife manufacture products that no self-respecting Knight Templar would ever refuse to don. The red crosses are everywhere! The list price is over $80 and that reflects the quality and excellent features of this backpack. Primarily, these packs are meant for IT professionals on the go, because they have a very nicely padded compartment for a laptop. The Marlet is the smallest backpack in the series, and it is a superb choice even if you don’t plan to carry a computer in it all the time.

The fact that I bring up the Templar connection (apart from the red crosses) is due to a rather enticing (in my opinion) theory that when the Templar Order was disbanded a great deal of its resources where channeled into the area now known as Switzerland. Hence we have this very militaristic, multinational and multilingual confederation that uses the Templar cross as a symbol of some of its cantons. I hope to write much more on this subject, because after some research I have a great deal of interesting evidence that was enough to make a skeptic, such as myself, believe that there may be something valid in this theory.

Trial of the century? Knights Templar heirs vs. the Pope

The heirs of the Knights Templar have launched a legal battle in Spain to force the Pope to restore the reputation of the disgraced order which was accused of heresy and dissolved seven centuries ago.

The legal move by the Spanish group comes follows the unprecedented step by the Vatican towards the rehabilitation of the group when last October it released copies of parchments recording the trials of the Knights between 1307 and 1312.

The Chinon parchment revealed that, contrary to historic belief, Clement V had declared the Templars were not heretics but disbanded the order anyway to maintain peace with their accuser, King Philip IV of France.

Knights Templar heirs in legal battle with the Pope

Ok, first of all, I am not sure that the Chinon parchment can be successfully used as a legal document that pertains to the matter. The Chinon process, as far as I can understand, primarily dealt with a group of individuals, not the Order in its entirety. The subsequent disbandment of the Order was a whole different story. On the other hand, the Chinon document demonstrates that the Vatican owes some explanation. However, the fact that this explanation is demanded by a group that claims to be heirs of the Knights Templar only complicates the situation, because the whoel question of property becomes an issue.

I am most interested, though, in finding out how precisely these Templar heirs are going to prove their lineage. It seems that it would be quite logical for them to know the whereabouts of the Templar treasure!

Knights Templar Costume

You don’t need to spend the Knights Templar Treasure to look like one of them this Halloween. The real challenge is, can you look any meaner than this guy?