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Clement V interrogates the Knights Templar

Clemente V  72 Templarios

This engraving by Tommaso de Vivo is one of pleasant surprises found in Processus Contra Templarios. There are several very nicely printed images, carefully placed between pages in special envelope-style protective sleeves. The original title of this piece is “Clemente V interroga 72 Templarios”. The scene depicted probably did not look like that in real life, but Clement did in fact interrogate 72 Templars. I think de Vivo was sympathetic to the Pope, because he looks like a benevolent monarch trying to make sure that his subjects are treated kindly and fairly.

It is, of course, very funny to see the accused Templars showing up at the Pope’s residence in full uniform, with swords at their sides. I sure hope that not all of the 72 knights were in battle gear. Otherwise they would have taken the Pope hostage.

Anyway, really wish I could find a better image of this engraving.

See also: Templars’ absolution in Poitiers. July 2, 1308.

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