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The Path of the Templar – a young adult novel

The Path of the Templar, by W. C. Peever.  This appears to be a second installment of a time travel series. This volume features a Templar theme, something along the lines of the Knights Templar traveling to America before Columbus etc.

From the press release: In this second book of The Jumper Chronicles, twelve-year-old Charlie and his mates discover an ancient compass that stubbornly refuses to point north. Instead, it steers them down a treacherous tunnel, each step taking them deeper into a world of dog-eating trolls, cross-dressing gods, and motorcycle-riding dwarves. As a cloak of darkness threatens to envelop the fellowship, Charlie loses his best friend, discovers true love, and is embraced by unexpected allies who guide him to a long-forgotten treasure that will change the world forever.

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