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Papal Numerology. So weird…

This would not have been plausible in a Dan Brown novel. I would be the first one to ridicule such a “coincidence” as a plot embellishment.  And yet we have it. On 3/13/13 the time changes to 20:13 exactly at the moment when the cardinal finishes the phrase: Qui sibi nomen imposuit Franciscum, i.e. the exact point in time when the Habeus Papam proclamation is complete and goes on record.   Do they employ evil numerologists at the Vatican? The date is a palindrome, by the way. Thanks to 13thEnumeration!

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  • Leo Zemke

    This will be apparent to many on this site. Pope Francis is fulfilling many of the attributes of Peter the Roman. 1-First Pope outside Europe 2-First Jesuit Pope 3-Son of Italian parents 4-Chossing Francis after Francis of Assisi, who’s father was named Peter. Will need to wait to see what reforms he brings to the Church before the fall of Rome and the Church becomes the woman ridding the beast with the name Mystery Babylon the Great, mother of Harlots.

  • Pouria Sahra

    Your site was perfect and informative. I have researched a lot about Templar and your data on this site was completely match with my information.
    Do you know a good site like yours about freemasons or illuminaties?
    Thanks a lot

    • KTV

      Sorry, I don’t do much research on those topics…

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