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Templar swords

Templar sword letter opener


I got this letter opener a few months ago. Works well in its primary capacity, but I think this image is the best use of this little sword so far. I actually saw it used on some other website, which I take as the highest form of flattery. The Bible in the image is my trusted Nova Vulgata, a Vatican edition from the early 1960s. The book is opened at the famous Non nobis, Domine, non nobis line.

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  • Janet Lane

    fabulous! I have an old rapier style letter opener that’s about 150 years old, works a treat.

  • Guy Lavoie

    And it’s not even a templar sword. It’s the free-mason version of a templar sword. It’s sad guys you didn’t do some research before comercializing that artefact.
    frater Guy Lavoie , master
    Les Nouveaux Templiers – The New Templars

    • KTV

      Brother Guy, there is no need to research this. Of course, this letter opener is not supposed to be a replica of any historic Templar weapon. However, tactful use of Templar symbols in a finely crafted souvenir will always draw my attention.

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