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Horstmann fraternal sword



This sword is most likely from the late 1800s, possibly early 20th century. The name of the manufacturer can be seen on the blade: Horstmann. The knight’s head on the pommel and the ivory (probably celluloid ivory) handle are pretty standard for fraternal ceremonial swords of this period. Most likely not a Knights Templar sword, of course. I have not been able to pinpoint the floral designs on the guard. Looks like a rose on one side and a cross on the other. Help with identification will be much appreciated. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

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  • Gary Keller

    I Have One Very Nearly Exact To This One Pictured, And Was Told By Historian At Virginia Military Institute That Several Military Schools And Institutions In The Late 1870’s And Early 1880’s Purchased From Horstman Ceremonial Swords Such As This For Their Cadet Corps. He Also Sent Me A Couple Pictures Of The Ones In VMI’s Museum.
    Gary Keller aka Mick

    • KTV

      Great info, thank you!

  • Dave

    Most likely this sword came from Horstmann Bros. of Philadelphia, PA. Later half of the 19th Century. Horstmann Bros. was know for textiles, glass, clothing and many more items. When it was in demand, military uniforms and regalia. Swords were made with matching belts. The hilt, handle and head piece was made in Phili, but the blades were imported from the ancient German sword-blade emporium of Solingen, Germany. As suggested, not a battle sword but ceremonial for a dress uniform. Looking at the stamping on the blade, it looks like something done by an assembler, not a custom blade smith. They would have used much more care.

    • KTV

      Thank you! The bit about imported blades is particularly interesting.

  • Matthew Chesser

    I have this exact sword, is there any way to determine its value?

  • martin

    It is a sword used by York Rite Freemasons for ceremonial purposes.

  • Stacie

    I have the same sword but the ivory portion has been lost. I am from buffalo NY – are these swords all in the north east?

    • KTV

      Probably the East Coast mostly.

  • JC

    I have a sword like this one but underneath the handle it has TRSM in bold letters. Can you tell me where it is from and who used this?

  • Clint Thomas

    I have one that has all the knight markings as stated above, appears to be brass material also with a sheath that looks to have a no.35 on the sheath. Trying to find out the value (if any) on this item. Found back in 1967. Any assistance would help. I believe research says it could be a Horstmann’s sword.

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