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Knights Templar History

Satan’s Claw

Kalkow church doorIn the village of Kałków (Southwestern Poland) there is a church which was, according to the local tradition and the inscription that can no longer be seen, built by the Knights Templar. The church’s remote location would have made it suitable for keeping treasures and secrets. The legend has it that when King Philip the Fair of France started his campaign against the Knights Templar, but failed to appropriate their wealth, he was determined to search far and wide. The Church of St. George in Kałków became a target for the King’s next strike. They say that this time Philip IV directly requested assistance from Satan himself. The enemy of mankind came to Kałków with the intention to lift the entire church building from its foundation and deliver it to the French monarch with everything that was inside it. However, first he had to overcome St. George, the church’s patron. Their battle lasted all night. Several times during the struggle Satan attempted to grab the church and pick it up, but his efforts were thwarted by St. George. The Evil One was forced to flee at the cry of the first rooster. To this day, there is a mark left by Satan’s claw near the entrance into this church.

This image by Stok appears to be of that exact entrance to the church. You can judge for yourself!

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