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Templar armor (a Polish legend)

Templar ArmsThis story can be found, along with many other fascinating tales, in the book called Legends of the Knights Templar.

A forest beekeeper by the name of Maciej (a Polish variation of Matthew) once discovered a wounded Knight Templar lying on a hill slope. Badly wounded, the man was dying. The beekeeper noticed that the knight’s suit of armor was very well made, and greed overcame him. Instead of trying to help the Templar, Maciej just sat nearby, waiting for him to die. As soon as the knight drew his final breath, the beekeeper removed the warrior’s armor and proceeded to put it on himself. As soon as he fastened the last clasp a blazing fever overtook him. Maciej felt as if the armor was also shrinking. He desperately tried to take it off, but could not do it. Finally the greedy beekeeper fell down on the ground next to the Knight Templar. Unable to move, Maciej cried out for help, but no one came. He died a terrible death.

The hill was later named after Maciej. It is known as a place of horrifying sights. In particular, the ghosts of the Knight Templar and the beekeeper can be seen there fiercely fighting over the suit of armor.

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