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Regalia Templar Rings

Masonic ring inscriptions

I can imagine there will be added interest in all things Masonic after Dan Brown’s new book. How about a little excursion into masonic ring inscriptions?

As the novel would have us believe there is some level of freedom in the inscriptions one chooses to have engraved, there are, however, some traditional inscriptions:

P.D.E.P – (on Masonic Templar rings) stands for Pro Deo et Patria – For God and the Country

In Hoc Signo Vinces (Templar Motto, going back to Emperor Constantine) – With this sign thou shall conquer.

Deus Meumque Jus – (on Inspector General rings, i.e. 33rd degree) – God and my Right.

Virtus junxit, mors non separabit – (14th grade) Virtue has united (us), death shall not part (us). Curiously, I have seen this inscription quoted with the comma after mors and it just does not make much grammatical sense that way.

Ordo ex chao – Order out of chaos.

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  • batoula gracieux

    je veu entré dans la franc-maçonnerie comment doit je faire

    • Rudolf Künzli

      Pour entrer en Franc-Maçonnerie, une femme a plusieurs possibilités :
      – Une Loge de la Grande Loge Feminine Française (à trouver par Google)
      – Une Loge du Droit Humain (Mixte Femmes et Hommes.
      et des autres


    I would like to be part of your organization because I believe in the theory of Masonic though I am a woman I know that women can not enter but I believe in me

  • Michael Wayne DeHart

    I was lead by an indescribable insight to find a freemason ring made of gold …with the inscription “Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit” …..I would like to replace it with a ring of identical sacred significance

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