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Legends of the Bézu Castle in Languedoc

bezu-templar-castle-ruinsAlthough the Bézu Castle in Languedoc was primarily a Cathar stronghold, it has been popularly linked to the Knights Templar. Indeed, the association of at least one of the castle’s lords, Bernard Sermon I, with the Templars has factual basis. Bernard joined the Poor Knights of Christ in 1151, most likely as a confrere. Having become a major benefactor of the Order he was able to partake in the Templars’ spiritual life. It is documented that in 1156 skilled workers appeared in the vicinity of the castle in order to explore local mountains in search for precious metals. Supposedly the area became a source for some of the Templar silver and gold. According to another legend, the Knights Templar, in attempt to save some of their possessions from the king,  cast a large silver bell and hid it underground. Every year the knelling of this bell can be heard at night on the eve of October 13, when pale shadows appear from the graveyard and proceed to gather at the castle, mourning the demise of the powerful military order.

The proximity  of Bézu to Rennes-le-Château adds to the mystique of the place. In fact, it may easily be that the legends about Bérenger Saunière and his treasures were reinforced by the presense of mysterious ruins only 4 miles away.

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