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Templar cross on a gravestone in Medomsley

templar_cross_gravestoneSome people enjoy a very special connection to medieval times. This image, along with the story, was submitted through Facebook by Paul Hunter. After many years he revisited a place that he used to frequent as a boy – an old churchyard in Medomsley (County Durham),  North East England:

When I was a boy aged about 10 (I’m now 55), I used to sit by what I was told was a knight’s grave, in my village church, and imagine him in battle, he and I had many adventures together in my imagination, mainly we slew dragons and rescued damsels. There are three gravestones, one is overgrown and no longer visible, but I know roughly where it is, it is a simple stone slab, with a sword or long cross cut into it, one is very feint, but this one, has the Templar cross or Knights of Malta cross on it in relief.  About 250 mm diameter. No doubt about it.

The image is faint, but I have added a copy with the cross overlaid, so you can see better. Certainly looks like a cross pattee in a circle.  Paul is hoping to explore the area some more.

Read more about the Knights Templar cross.

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