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Templar Chant (“Ensemble Organum”)

A French group called Ensemble Organum has a CD entitled “Le Chant des Templiers.” Online reviews mention a twelfth century manuscript that was used as a sources of these liturgical chants. I felt the need to further research this claim. The website of the group (organum-cirma.fr) explains that this manuscript was purchased by Duke d’Aumale at the end of the 19th century, and it is presently housed a the Chantilly castle. Good enough for me, even though I would very much like to see some scans.

1. Antiphona : Crucem Sanctam
2. Responsorium : Benedicat Nos Deus
3. Responsorium : Honor Virtus Et Potestas
4. Antiphona : Te Deum Patrem Ingenitum Magnificat
5. Antiphona : Media Vita In Morte Sumus Nunc Dimittis
6. Kyrie Eleison
7. Antiphona : Da Pacem Domine – Psaume : Fiat Pax In Virtute Tua
8. Antiphona : Salve Regina


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  • Pierre Moreau

    You misspell “Chantilly Castle”, this castle is very close to Paris. If I go there I will make some pics of this.

    • KTV

      Thanks, I fixed it. Would be great to see some images from Chantilly.

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