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Martin Luther’s Wedding Ring

It has been my opinion for a long time that the sole driving force behind the Reformation was nothing but Martin Luther’s desire to marry a certain nun. Although Luther and Catherine von Bora did not have an elaborate wedding, the humbleness of their attitude should be very much doubted if you but look at the rings! What a veritable cornucopia of symbols!

Martin Luther’s engagement and wedding rings

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  • John

    I don’t know of a single modern scholar, Protestant or Catholic, who holds to your view. Luther, by the way, was one of the last of the German theologians within His circle that married. In fact he was encouraged by his friends to comply with His own teaching on the subject because he seemed to be so delayed.


    • KTV

      John, I sincerely hope that at least some modern scholars have a sense of humor, whatever their opinions may be.

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