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Knights Templar Art & Posters

Battle of Montgisard, by Charles-Philippe Larivière

Battle_Montgisard_2Charles-Philippe Larivière (28 September 1798, Paris – 29 February 1876, Paris) was a French academic painter and lithographer. As an artist, he experienced both Romantic and Neo-Classical influences. Larivière became best known for paintings of historic events, particularly from the medieval period. The original title of this painting is “La Bataille de Montgisard, 1177.” The battle of Montgisard on November 25, 1177 resulted in a decisive victory of an out-numbered Christian army against the forces of Saladin. Sometimes you will find a fragment of this painting with three knights that accompany king Baldwin IV. For some unknown reason this fragment is entitled “Knights, from Battle of Ascalon, 18 November 1177” (that’s how it’s seen on Art.com, for instance).


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