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Knights Templar movies

A TV series about the Knights Templar

Seems as if this is being done for the Maltese television. They sure are trying to make the Templars look as if they were weird blood-drinking sorcerers. Can this interpretation be due to the still lingering rivalry between the Templars and the Knights of St. John (a.k.a Hospitallers)? 🙂

The fortified city of Mdina came under siege over the weekend as the Knights Templars engaged took on the Turks, under the scorching sun… and the cameras.

The football ground in Mdina doubled as the set for a scene from the last episode of the TV series Miriana Coljerò, which will air on One TV in the coming weeks.

About 40 extras in period costumes defended the old city, taking breaks from the “gruelling battle” that lasted several hours.

The TV series recounts how the Templars, whose privilege was that the first-born child inherited immortality, used to drink human blood as part of their ritual. The story continues that the Templars became evil people when they started killing innocent victims and drinking their blood to become more powerful, the scriptwriter and director of the series, Mark Doneo, explained.

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The Last Templar

Every once in a while a movie comes out that manages to demonstrate with perfect clarity how bad the original book was and then adds more levels of ridiculousness to the whole deal. NBC’s “The Last Templar” is such a movie. The first night of the mini-series was completely unnecessary. It did not establish anything that could not have been told in a few words. Sure enough, you can’t have Templars without a Templar treasure. And there should be a document describing the whereabouts of the said treasure. Can we get to the point now? Well, apparently not without showing Mira Sorvino fight crime Amazon style!

My favorite thus far is the miraculous delivery of a small group of Templar Knights during a storm. They way they rise victoriously out of the sea, wearing their chainmail suits of armor weighing over 50 pounds… And don’t forget the swords!

I wish it was possible to come up with a more believable name for the Turkish town. When I read the book it became immediately clear to me that the word “Fonsalis” probably has something to do with the Latin words FONS and SALIX. And yet it took an almost revelatory experience on Tess’ part to figure this out. She is supposed to know Latin, you know.

Still I am waiting to see if the script writers managed to escape one little mistake that the author of the book made. I will have to wait until later today to find out…

Universal’s movie “about” the Knights Templar

I haven’t researched the promises and premises of this project personally (it seems to needlessly bring vampire stories into the realm of Templarism), but this comment is truly precious:

Besides, this movie will just lead to many guys showing up at the Renaissance Faire dressed as Knights Templar, but packing stakes and garlic alongside their swords. Yeah, that matters to me. I don’t lace myself up in a corset to see guys in painted bedsheets, you know.

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