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‘Knightfall’ announced by History Channel


knightfallOn March 23, 2015 History Channel made an announcement that a new scripted TV series is now in production. It will feature the final years of the Order of the Knights Templar and will be produced  by A+E Studios in association with Jeremy Renner and Don Handfield’s The Combine and Midnight Radio. The details are very sketchy at the moment. It suffices to say that industry sites covering this story indicated that the series will feature “the actual events leading up to and following the persecution, downfall and burning at the stake of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th, 1307.” Given the fact that not a single Knight Templar was actually burned a the stake on Friday the 13th, 1307 the series is probably still being perfected. It also appears that the title of the series, Knightfall, is very much a working title, particularly because there is Batman story arc with the same name.

One may also remember that some time ago another Templar-related series was announced by History. This one had to do with the fate of two brothers who came to Jerusalem in the aftermath (or during) the First Crusade. There is no word if this series is still in the works. However, today’s announcement demonstrates that the network is somewhat committed to the Templar theme. Perhaps in a couple of years we will see something on the scale of the Vikings?