Knights Templar VaultThis website is dedicated to the history of the medieval Order of the Knights Templar (Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici). My personal interest in this topic comes from working on a leisurely project — translation of Nicholas Guertler’s Historia Templariorum (History of the Templars), an antique late 17th century book which represents a very early attempt at an ‘unbiased’ treatise of the order’s history. There are some excerpts from this book on this site. You will also find articles covering different aspects of the Order’s early years, specific battles in which the Knights participated,  and finally their trial in the early 14th century. Some materials deal with Medieval History in general: books, movies, manuscripts, online resources, works of art etc. I don’t stay away from dealing with dubious and mythical conceptions regarding the Middle Ages and the Knights Templar, but I tend to be rather skeptical. Primary sources are my personal favorite. I like to translate these texts from their original Latin and make them available in English (sometimes for the first time) on this site. It is my hope that they will be of value to researchers and enthusiasts. For additional content and a way to submit your inquiries, be sure to join the site’s FaceBook page. You can also support this site in many other ways.

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